Thursday, April 20, 2017

Opinião "The Regulars" by Georgia Clark


I think the most important thing it's the message that this book carries with him. It tells us that we don't have to be someone else, that we should be ourselves… We don't have to be afraid to show our opinions, our ideas and mostly what we stand for.

As we follow the three best friends we noticed that this book it's like a fairytale. But it's not like the traditional fairytales, because everything they do when they are under the effect of “pretty” turns to disaster. The girls think that because of the prettiness, everything turns fine. But, as time goes, the girls realize they were wrong, totally wrong.
The only thing I didn't like was that at a determined time they seem to forget each other and behave like nothing's wrong. But in the beginning, it was established that they had to be careful.

We can make a parallel to the fairytale of Cinderella. She only had hours to meet her prince. But in this novel, the girls had a full week to do what they wanted. But like Cinderella, there were times that they had to run from people. That happened when they were changing to the normal hers.

So, the book shows the definition of what it's considered beautiful. This definition results in an unhappiness because people feel the need to change and to be accepted by others. And this is the reason I recommend the book. We have to be ourselves even if society tells us otherwise. The regulars girls also came to this conclusion.

The cover of the book really catches the eye, and the titles of the chapters are so funny… they have names of cosmetics like: Foundation, Shadow, Conceal and Blush.

I rated 4 stars.
I recommend it, it was a good and easy reading!

Our greatest thanks to Georgia Clark! 

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  1. The cover is very cute and I loved the picture you took!