Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TV Show - Stranger Things

Stranger Things

TV show 

I just finished the first season of this TV show. 

if you don't know what it is about, i will briefly explain to you. 
It's about a group of four friends, which one of them strangely disappears. consequently, all of the town's people, family and friends go searching for him but, for that to happen, somebody will have to believe the unbelievable and have a slight understanding of physics. 

The thing that i found most appealing in this story is the 60's content. The music, costumes and technology from that period of time made me enter completely in all the fuss of the story itself. 

One other thing that I noticed was all the influences in the direction and plot of  the show. anyone of you that are familiar with Stephen king's work, or Steven Spielberg, will notice the similarities. 

So, if you liked "super 8" by Steven Spielberg, you will love this series. 

Meanwhile, as you all know, the purpose of the military area 51 was not to study beings from other planets, but mainly to study the ultimate and secret, future aircrafts to fight the enemy. The truth of what they do in there in the present time, i don't know, but if you have interest to know why that area was created, go look on YouTube.  In the story of this TV show, you can see that they prefer to put another reality in that matter and create a military area that studies the strange things that came from other planets and dimensions... this is not a spoiler, you know this, since the beginning. 

I loved all the actors, mainly the police officer that helped the boy's family, but one of the boys was a lousy actor -.-

My rating: 8/10