Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review: "Neither Light Nor Dark" by Lynn McCain

About the book: 

YA Fantasy fiction full of surprises. This is a story about a girl, the man she loves, the boy who stole her heart, and Reficul, the evil ruler that stands to ruin it all. Lily Channon gets caught up in a war only she has the power to stop. The only problem is she doesn’t know why or even how. Her quest for answers leads her on a journey through love, heart wrenching betrayal, and ultimately has deadly consequences. Lily doesn’t know who to trust and neither will you.


My expectations for this book were very high. The synopsis promise us a very cool young adult story.

What I most liked about this book was the story itself. The idea is so original and fun... it reminds me a lot of Narnia stories, which is always a good complement.
The truth is, you never know what to expect, and that’s awesome. We all love stories where things are unpredictable, and that happens a lot in this book. I started it thinking that something was going to happen, but the next moment something changes.

In my opinion, I wanted more of this cute romance happening between Henry and Lilly, but that ended quickly. Suddenly we enter a world of magic and fairy tales. This world was kind of confusing to me, but it works well for people who loves this genre.

I didn’t connect that much with the characters. I think they should have more stories attach to themselves. Lilly for example is our main character but she doesn’t show that much herself. It’s like she’s living in a bubble of shyness and stiffness. But maybe I was the only one thinking that way…
Henry on the other hand, is an amazing character. He has all the characteristics that make a reader fall in love with. He’s charming, brave, a little bold… but he suddenly disappears from the story and I got stressed out, not knowing what happened with him and some other characters.
I wanted this book to have two sides. It should have the side of Lilly and the world she enters, and the side of her family and Henry. Too many questions assault us when we are reading from the moment Lilly disappears.

But if some of you read this book, I want to know your opinion. This is only my thoughts about it, and yours may be completely different from mine.

The end was great! I really loved it. It was very unpredictable and shocking.

My best thanks to the author that was really kind to me and I sorely want to read more of her books :)


  1. Awesome review!
    Love the book's cover!
    with love,
    Banal Girl

  2. Fiquei com vontade de ler o livro! Já agora, acho a capa linda e adoro o cartão que a autora te escreveu. :)