Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Asylum" Audiobook review | Opinião

Hello dear readers!

For those who haven't listen to an audiobook before, you have to try it! Unfortunately, we don't have that many options in Portuguese, but there are billions in English.

The service I use is estories and if you're interested here's some things you have to know about it:, an audiobook service allows customers to 
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I wanted to read this book for a long, long time and this was the best opportunity I could get. Listening to an audiobook is an experience like no other. I listened to it the car, university, home, street... being able to do that is awesome but better than that is the fact that you can hear someone tell you a story and just sit back and listen to it.

Sometimes, I'm a little tired and my head aches a little. When that happens I can just pick up my phone and listen to an audiobook. Just amazing...

About this audiobook in particular, I have to say that I loved the person who narrated it. The sound quality is really good and the voice tone was very perceptible. 

Unfortunately, the story wasn't that good. It was supposed to be an horror story but It is not. Nothing about this story is's just a kids tale.

There are a lot of books that I want to listen to next. What about you? Do you want to try an audiobook? 


  1. Nunca ouvi assim um livro, mas parece ser uma experiência agradável :)

  2. Lovely post!!
    I loved your review ! ;)
    With love,
    Banal Girl

  3. Nunca. Nao me atrai nada, acho que não me iria conseguir concentrar na historia.
    Mas acho que tem tudo a ver com quem narra :)

  4. Olá,

    acho fantástico, podermos preencher as lacunas do nosso dia (a vezes demasiado ocupado), a ouvir uma boa história.
    Infelizmente ainda não tive tempo de experimentar, mas vou definitivamente fazê-lo!
    Acho que o melhor mesmo é ver se encontro um audiobook "pequenino", para o caso de não me adaptar a este modo de "ler".
    Neste site que sugeres há opções mesmo muito boas!
    Obrigada por partilhares ;)

    Bom fim de semana e boas leituras!

  5. Nunca experimentei um audiobook, pois nunca me senti muito atraída pelo conceito. Passava-se o mesmo em relação aos ebooks; contudo já li um e até gostei! É preciso experimentar para sabermos se gostamos ou não. :)