Thursday, January 5, 2017

Author interview: Pradip Chauhan

Hello, dear readers!

Today we have a special guest! 

Pradip Chauhan is the the writer of "Ponytail - The love for revenge". 

About the author:

Hi, I am Dr. Pradip Chauhan born in Gujarat state of India in 1985. I have my Medical science degree (M.B.B.S, M.S., C.R.M.) from Saurashtra University. Presently I deliver lectures of Anatomy subject in P.D.U. Govt. Medical College, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. As usual any other authors I have also reading habits since the time I learnt to read, and was master in making stories. Because English is not my first language I started to write in Gujarati (my mother tongue) and published book by Local Gujarati publishers (E.g. Gujarati short stories); which received good response from readers. I have two books published by my pen name prajwalit. I took long time to write my official first book series, ‘On the Earth: In Light of The sun’ two small parts of the book series are already published and within six months they crossed more than 1000 copies. My another collection of short stories titled ‘Love stories’ was among the best 100 romance books genre of Amazon in January the very second month of publication. My area of interest is paranormal, science fiction, romance, suspense and thriller. I am not master in English but trying hard to be good in English and also hire Professional editor to polish my work. I have also more than 15 international medical research articles published by my name.

About the book:

This is the story of a young successful businessman Prabuddh; who has lost his parents in his teenage because of foul play. He had determined to become the most powerful man and worked hard, he had feeling of revenge in his mind.
Section 1: After completion of his education because of his hard work and intelligence he made name in business; while he fell in love of ‘Tapasya’, one of his employee. He partnered with another beautiful lady, Kaumudi.  Everything was going well but once a while Tapasya had doubt about the character of Prabuddh; outraged Kaumudi was compelled to suicide. Prabuddh could not bear her lose and passed through an anguished phase.
Section 2: However Prabuddh could manage the circumstances and resume his business. But he had already lost much money and had sold most of his business assets. He was given job by Kaumudi in their Company ‘Ponytail’ which was started by Prabuddh himself.
Kaumudi was also in love of Prabuddh, on other side Prabuddh had come in contact of a mesmerizing lady Amita. Prabuddh was also attracted to Amita.
Section 3:  Although Prabuddh accepted the proposal of marriage from Kaumudi, there was something fishy. What was that?, to know read the book..

The interview:

Do you have reading habits?

 I am an obsessive reader; i have to read something daily otherwise i can not sleep. And my reading room has more books than a small library will have. But my most of reading is in Gujarati language (My mother tongue) and Human anatomy. 

What is your favorite book ever?

Siddhartha by Hermen hese, Vishvamitra by Babubhai vaidhya and Krishnavataar by Kanaiyaalaal munshi
(Gujarati book) are my favorite. 

Do you always wanted to write a book?

Actually not, i do not want to write book always; but i always want to write. I always thought to write for myself. (I am lazy writer and i ignore rules of Grammar while writing; I feel adventurous Playing with grammar. I know that is very bad)

When did you became interested in reading?

 In Second standard i won a elocution competition; and won a picture book, 'Ramayan; small version for children'. And i read the whole book in single night. After that i was habitual reader; and would always read a book. 

The protagonist of "ponytail - the love for revenge" is a very sexy and intelligent man. Do you see yourself in this character?

 First i portrayed the character and i was so fascinated by the character i started to wear my hair in ponytail till i completed the book. anh time i read the book i feel the hot guy inside me.

What inspired you to write this book?

 Basically i was researching on anatomical basis of feeling; and i found may interesting fact. Instead of writing a research paper i converted my words in the story.  

What kind of research did you do for the book?

Human brain is Pandora box, there is always war between good and devil in each brain. And what win makes the human alike; i have not researched anything special for the book. But i worked hard for differed psychology of My Protagonist, 'Prabuddh'.

What is your favorite part of the story?

 'Prabuddh looks at the painting, and recalls the her granny. Lost in his childhood memories, Prabuddh cries in front of the painting....' incidence is the favorite part of the story. 

If you could do it again, what might you have done differently?

I will bring back Tapasya and make her marry to Prabuddh.

What are you working on now?

I am an Anatomist and dig out the secrets the god has hidden in human body; My work place is the Government medical college, Rajkot, Gujarat; India. ( Yes you guessed right, this is the same Gujarat; Birth Place of Greatest, Mahatma Gandhi, and Our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi.)

You can buy the book in paperback or in ebook here:


  1. Não conheço o autor, mas gostei de ler a entrevista :)

  2. Achei curiosa esta entrevista a um escritor indiano. É bom quando conhecemos autores de várias partes do mundo!

  3. Gosto muito de ler livros de autores de origens orientais, remetem-nos para um mundo completamente diferente, e aprende-se tanto.