Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer TBR

TBR: Summer

For this summer, i'm hoping to read more books.

2015 reading goal for summer: 5
I read only 5. So let's try another time this year but with one more book :p

Summer 2016:


The Martian

This is my top one priority!!! I've been wanting to read this since it came out, in 2014. A friend of mine offered it to me as a gift. ( thank you so much Henrique) :p
P.s: one day i'm gonna succeed in make you read at least one book in your life -.-


A Brief History of Seven Killings

This one is in second place just because 1: its a really short book and 2: its really easy to read

This novel won the Man Booker Prize For Fiction 2015 and explores the attempted assassination of Bob Marley in the late 1970s

Pretty interesting right??


Challenger Deep

Watch this weird book trailer ;) maybe it arouses your interest too.

Challenger Deep tells a story about a young man's mental illness.

And once again: thanks you Henrique :)


Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)

I'm 100% loving this book :)
I'm currently reading it and i'm almost done. It's not 1st place of this TBR, but it could be! It was kind of an impulsive buy. I saw it and I thought: fuck this, i NEED to read a fluffy read every once in a while.

 The movie is coming out in august so try to read it first! Its beaaaauuutiful!



Well... this cute book, i won it in a giveaway :p I feel very lucky because it was only one prize and i was the winner!!! Awesome. Now, obviously i have to review it, so here it is, in my short TBR

Here's the book trailer:


To Kill a Mockingbird

It's time to read this. it's in my goodreads TBR since 2010!

Well guys,
Now its your turn to share with me all of your thoughts and feelings about my TBR. And I'm more than happy to know what's your challenge for this summer. ;)

I see you tomorrow. :))

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