Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book Review: Me before you by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You

Why am i not crying?
This was supposed to make me cry...
Maybe that didn't happened cause there's always people around me. It's pretty uncomfortably, reading a book like this with someone beside you.
Not all of the story is sad. For me, 90% of this book is happy and funny. But i guess that what marks you more is the sad part.

I bought this book in a day like any other. one of those days when i go to the book store just to be near books. And there it was. It had just arrived and i had to have it on my shelves. So much hype going around this book... God... Normally i don't follow everybody's lead but this was an exception :D

The story follows, mostly, two amazing characters. Lou and Will. 
Will is a man that had experienced an amazing life, till the day of the accident. He lost everything in that day. 
Lou is a normal girl who doesn't want much excitement in her life. She just wants to be near her friends and family. Anyway, she's kind of a boring person in my opinion so let's stop talking about her. But when she starts to work for Will she become a more interested person. She starts to read the news paper and reading good books. Will's influence of course.

Almost all the thoughts and perspectives are from the point of view of Louisa. I think that Will is the most interesting character of all. And the fact that i imagine the actor from the movie helps a lot arousing that interest.

If you are looking for a cute book to read, with a little romance in it, and with a really good sense of friendship. This is the kind of book you need.
P.s: just a warning that i wished i didn't have to do, but unfortunately, the Portuguese translation is awful :D

The movie is going to come out in august of this year.

Bye everyone, see you soon.

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