Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Opinião "THE SINK" by Walter Nusbaum and Daren Martin

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So, when I started this book I was a little worried about the theme.   On the beginning, I read the synopsis on the back cover of the book and thoughts came to my head about what I could expect about this reading, and let me tell you that it was fascinating.

Let me begin to speak about the slogan “LEAVE THINGS BETTER THAN YOU FOUND THEM”. The authors explain that a simple gesture can make a change in a life or even in the world, so, we must give it attention, we must see beyond... and here we encounter the reason of the title “SINK”. Yes, it is what you may be thinking, it's a SINK. And how a simple conversation/moment near the SINK took good proportions and good changes.

And I can tell this: you can see beyond when you read this book and I agree with the authors when they tell us that simple things can make greater people, jobs and all we can think of. So, this book can make a change in a workplace or even in a school, because in these two places people don't think about the consequences, don't think about the others.

Another thing that I liked about this book was the design. The design is beautiful and makes the reading a lot better, because it's always happening something. When you turn the pages, you have big letters, beautiful colors, some references... it's like the book it’s interacting with you.

The objective of this book is achieved, because, in the end, I stopped to think. Think about my family, my friends. And that's all that counts. So, it was a good and influencing philosophy.

Every single day we tried to be better, but that's enough?

Think about that, and please get this book.

Escrito por: Helena

Com o apoio do autor :)

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  1. Parece-me um bom livro para parar para reflectir um pouco sobre a vida. :)