Friday, May 5, 2017

Review "Ivory And Bone" by Julie Eshbaugh

Hello my dear readers!


Do you know that feeling when you don't want a book to end? I had that feeling all the way to the end of this book. It's just all so well written... the way the words are put together and the sweet flavor that leaves our souls... beautiful... 

If any of you never heard of this book before, you must read this review! I totally encourage you to give this book a chance.

This is a story set in the Stone Age. The coolest thing is that the protagonist of this story is narrating his love and admiration for a girl that doesn’t care that much for him. The effort that he makes is astonishing and the way he talks about his clan and about this girl is really nice to read.

The struggles that this man and women must deal with, is something that we don’t think about every day.  Only if you’re interested in the life of these people from Stone Age— that used to live completely uncertain of their security and future — you know that it’s an incredibly hard life.

Something that is also astonishing, is the stories told by the characters. Their hobbies were chanting, dancing and tell stories. The details are very well designed and structured...

While reading, you may find some conversations between the characters, too much sophisticated for the time they live in, but if you think of it with an open mind, you will understand that the Cognitive Revolution (around 70 000 years ago) was a big deal for human kind, and the best way of showing this, is exploring the thoughts of these people in detail. Since that time, we have begun to develop creative minds that could see other universes (gods, creatures, Myths…) that weren’t real.
 I think that they weren’t too accurate in the process of this thoughts by speech, but they surely must be really creative human beings. The stories they left on the walls show us how important this Era was to our development.

Well, I hope this is a theme that interests you, and I hope you want to read this wonderful book.

Many thanks to Julie, that was so nice for sending me a copy of this book :)

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